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Cosmetic dentistry refers to a variety of cosmetic dental treatments designed to enhance your smile and correct chipped, cracked, discolored, and unevenly spaced teeth. From cosmetic dentist implant, laser tooth whitening, crown, veneer, invisalign to tooth-colored filling, you can choose from a variety of cosmetic dentistry solutions to restore your health and vitality of your beautiful smile. When severe dental problems require a dental extreme makeover our cosmetic dentist team can create a comprehensive and holistic dentistry treatment plan that will simultaneously improve your dentist health, function, and appearance of your smile. At Bangkok Smile Dental Clinic, our goal is taking the time to inform our clients on their options and set realistic targets in addressing their major concern.Laser Tooth Whitening - Bangkok Smile Dental Clinic is one of only few exclusive dental clinic Bangkok in Thailand now offering the “truly” laser whitening has created a revolutionary method of teeth whitening which quickly, safely and effectively whitens all teeth at once. In about an hour you can have a brighter and whiter smile Dental Veneer – Dental Veneer are used to enhance the shape and color of teeth, as well as to close spaces between teeth. Dental Veneer can also cover up significant stains such as those caused by tetracycline. As we age, wear of the front teeth may affect the aesthetics of our smile. Dental veneer can be used to lengthen worn or short teeth and restore your beautiful smile. Dental Crown – Dental Crown used to repair badly decayed or damaged teeth. Dental crown is created from a mold of the original tooth, and then applied after the decay is removed and the tooth is prepared. The All-porcelain type of dental crown has the nicest appearance. This new dental crown can be made from pure ceramic, and is almost indistinguishable from natural teeth. It is metal-free, and thus satisfies the needs of patients with metal sensitivities. Dental Implant - Dental implant is a restorative and cosmetic dentistry solution for missing teeth. Dental Implant is considered a state-of-the-art option for tooth replacement. Dental Implant is the permanent solution for replacement of a missing tooth or teeth and often can be made more aesthetic than conventional techniques such as bridges or partial dentures. Research is currently being conducted on a single-visit, one-step implant that requires little or no healing time.Bangkok Smile Dental Clinic offers high quality specialized dental treatments including Implant, Cosmetic Dentistry, Laser Tooth Whitening, dental veneer, crown, invisalign, filling, gum treatment, root canal treatment, dental care, and much more. With certified dentists and dental specialists who specialize in various fields, we are confident that you will always meet the utmost comfort and satisfaction. The best esthetical dental treatment is not beyond your wish anymore. Your new beautiful charismatic teeth will last with you a lifetime if you come to Dental smlie Bangkok, Thailand Clinic, the place where you can absolutely trust. Great Smiles start Here


Medical spa

Medical Spa, the most complete and luxurious medical spa in Asia, offers a seam-less combination of spa treatments along-side unique medical programs, providing a one-stop-service for optimizing your health, appearance and well-being of the body and mind. :




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