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Thai Cuisine

Thai cuisine is faraway from European use and the typical "starter, main course, dessert". Indeed, Thais people use to share their meal and serve all the dishes at the same time in the middle of the table. So everyone eat small portions of each dish. Do not be surprised if you order in a restaurant a starter and then a main course, probably that main course arrive before the starter or together !

Thai cuisine is very spicy, most dishes are hot by small bird pepper, called chili . But everything is subject to équilible and the spicy side should not obscure the other flavors. Indeed, the texture, flavor and color are important in preparing dishes. Take an example of the green curry , the effect of the chili spicy is balanced against the effect of sweet coconut milk. At Least, you always find 3 colors in each course, for beauty of the eyes ... the red with chili or peppers , the green with vegetables, and the white with coconut milk.
Thai people eat several times a day, in small quantities, at least 5 to 6 times. It is very easy to eat in Bangkok for example, there are many mobile shops, owner are in moto or bicycle in the streets, and there are many small snack with one or two tables in the pavement. All families don't necessarily have a kitchen, then you can eat in restaurant or take away any kind of dish. Often in Bangkok, until the meal between noon and two, the mobile shops, were set up on the pavement and then disappear a few hours later.
In the morning , the breakfast consists of soup, or white rice and any dish. Usually lunch is the lighter meal of the day. you take it outside the house. However, the most important meal is the evening. The families are around a table to eat traditional soup, rice, curry, noodle stir-fry, and sweet jelly or fruit.
Thai cuisine uses limitless various spices, varying spicy flavour, sour or bitter and even sweet dishes. Each recipe purpose differents ingredients and thai food, of very small things and others, and this mixture gives the final taste.
The thai food ingredients most frequently used are garlic, ginger, chilli, galangal, milk and coconut cream, mint, coriander, lemon grass and without forget Thai basil, however becarefull there are several kinds, hot and sweet. These ingredients combined with the fish sauce or soy sauce and shrimp paste give a specific flavor to Thai cuisine. Thai cuisine is as much focused on the flavors than on the aesthetics. The kitchen should be as good for the palate as the eyes ... the importance of the balance of colors in all dishes. The Cookers turn vegetables and fruits into works of art. Cucumbers, carrots, tomatoes, watermelons are skillfully transformed into pink roses , leaf, lotus flower ... it is the carving of fruit and vegetables.
Unlike their neighbors, the Thai use chopsticks only for the soup, they used to eat meals with a fork and spoon, the spoon to carry the dishes on the mouth and the fork only to push! (No knife at the table).


Popular dishes

Here are some examples of the most popular dishes :

- Spicy lemongrass soup with shrimp (tom yam kung)
- Coconut milk soup with chicken (tom ka kai)
- Noodle Soup (kuaytiao naam)
- Spicy Beef Salad (Yam Nuea Yaan)
- Chicken salad and lemon mint (Laap kai)
- Fish cake (Thawdmun Plaa)
- Yellow Curry (Kaeng phanaeng)
- Red curry with duck and pineapple (Gaeng Ped Phed Yaang)
- Salad Seafood (yam thalee)
- Papaya salad (som tam)
- Noodle skipped (Phad Thai)
- Flat Green curry (Kaeng khiao wan)
- Fried rice (khao phat)
- Steamed rice (khao suay)
- Glutinous rice (khao niao)
- Mango and sticky rice ((khao niew Mamuang)
- Bananas poached in syrup (gluay Chueaum)


Cooking Class

Find the Thai cooking class we recommend in Thailand : THAI COOKING CLASS

Khao Niew Ma Muang : Mango Sticky rice
Thais love to eat Mango with sticky rice. In Thailand the favorite Thai dessert is Khao Niew ma muang, which is a combination of glutinous rice, sugar and coconut milk, with a serving of fresh, sun-yellow mango slices. The color will usually be yellow but there may also be tinges of red, orange or green. Thais love to eat them both ripened and unripened.

Kha Prao Moo :
Stir-Fry Pork with Basil. It is the most popular menu in Thailand.
This recipe can be applied with chicken and it will be called Ka Prao Gai.
squid garlic and pepper : squid garlic and pepper
squid garlic and pepper
Khanom Chin :
popular food of Lom Kao, Petchabun province is a noodle-like dish made from flour. It is served with gravy and side dish of various fresh local vegetable
thai food laap kai
Laap kai :
Laab is a hot n' sour salad with chicken breast meat, galangal, lemon grass, fresh red chillies, shallots (sliced), fresh mint leaves, fresh coriander (cilantro) leaves and spring onions.
thai food green curry
green curry
Gang Kieow Wan : creamy green curry with lime leaf, lemon grass and chilli flavours
Simple Dishes Thai staple dishes :
Pat Thai : classic Thai fried noodles
Khao Pat : Tasty and filling Egg Fried Rice
Khao Tom : Peppery and wholesome rice soup
Khao Man Gai : Garlic rice and chicken

Thai Curries : Gang spicy, healthy & delicious
Gang Kieow Wan : creamy green curry with lime leaf, lemon grass and chilli flavours
Gang Kati : creamy red curry soup
Gang Penang : aromatic, creamy, spicy curry
Gang Massaman : rich Indian style curry
Gang Som : sour spicy tamarind curry
Gang Karee : milder yellow creamy curry

Fried Dishes
Pat Gapow : stir fry with hot basil leaves
Gai Pat Med Ma Muang : chicken and cashew nut in a delicious rich roasted sauce
Pat Nam Man Hoy : Mild oyster sauce dish
Pat Poong Karee : delicious yellow curry dish usually made with crab and eggs.

Tom Yam - Nam Kon : spicy hot and sour soup with lemon grass, galangal, mushroom, condensed milk and, usually, prawn
Tom Yam - Nam Sai : without condensed milk and usually with more fresh chillies
Tom Kaa : mild, creamy with salad cream taste
Tom Jert : mild soup with pork, tofu & cabbage

Thai Salads - Yam
These salads are sour and can be very spicy.
Som Tam : Delicious green papaya and lime salad. sometimes comes with raw crab
Yam Goong : prawn and glass noodles salad

Snack Foods
Moo Dat Dieo : savoury pork strips dipped in sesame seeds and fried
Tort Man Pla : Thailand’s famous fishcakes
Kanom Bang Nar Moo : special pork toast

Thai Dessert
Khao Tom Mad : Bananas in Sticky Rice. Hiding inside is some delicious Thai sweet sticky rice with a filling that includes of banana, black bean or tarot.

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