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Sukhothai travel Guide

Sukhothai (literally means Dawn of Happiness derives from "Sukha" and "thai") was the first truly independent Thai Kingdom.

  • Sukhothai is located on the lower edge of the northern region, 430 kilometres north of Bangkok and 300 kilometres south of Chiang Mai....
    Many aspect of Thai culture were developed in Sukhotai including the Thai alphabet's formalisation in 1300s.
    The city of Sukhothai is caracterised by lotus-bud style Chedis build during the period of empire and was abandoned several century later. The restoration of Sukhothai started in 1961 and was designated to be a World Heritage Site by the commitee of the Unesco in 1991.
    A day trip 55 km north out to Si Satchanalai Historic Park of Sukhothai is recommended : within the 90 hectare city walls, Wat chang Lom, Wat chedi jet Thaew have intriguingly different designs.
    Known as Pa Khao Luang to all people, there are 4 important peaks : khao chedi, khao narai, khao Phuka and Khao Mae ya Peak. There are also beautiful waterfalls : Sairung, Thaengthong and Lam Klieaw waterfall.
  • Weather in Sukhothai : 3 seasons
    - Cool Season : December to February. The daytime temperature is fairly comfortable with the maximum temperature around 25°C/78°F, the night, the weather is cooler, and can drop to near freezing in the mountains.
    - Hot Season : February to May. The temperature can get up to 35°C /88°F and by May, the rain arrives.
    - Rainy Season : May to November. Normally, The rain come in short bursts of in the afternoon or early evenings, and usually only last an hour.
    The best time to visit Sukhothai is from November to March during the cool monsoon season when temperatures are between 24°C and 32°C
  • Getting around Sukhothai :.There's so few taxi in Sukhothai. The best you can do is to rent bicycle or motorbike but in the city center because there is nothing at the Airport. Don't forget to ask your hotel to come to pick you up at your arrival.
  • How to get there : Air-conditioned buses depart from Bangkok's Mochit 2 Bus Terminal to Sukhothai daily between 9.45 a.m. and 10.20 p.m.,frequently during the morning. The journey takes 7 hours.
    Bangkok Airways flies from Bangkok to Sukhothai daily for 1-hour journey. Sukhothai Airport is about 40 kilometres north of the town.
  • NearSukhothai : Chiang Rai & Chiang Mai, Phitsanulok, Uttaradit, Petchabun.

  • Sukhothai hightlights :
    - Sukhothai Historical Park, Sukhothai, This is located 12 kilometres from town.
    - Sangkhalok Museum, Sukhothai, Sangkhalok is the name of ceramic wares produced in the old city of
    - Ramkhamhaeng National Park
    - Si Satchanalai National Park, Sukhothai
    - Wat Chana Songkhram, Sukhothai, Situated to the north of Wat Mahathat
    - The city of Sukhothai holds a tremendous amount of historic significance in Thailand, which is filled with a stunning collection of historic ruins. If you don't have time to stay in Sukhothai, you can visit only the historical park in hour by bicycle. (rental in the park)

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    Ko Thai recommended Hot Spot in Sukhothai

  • Restaurants :
    - our recommended restaurant in Sukhothai
    - Chae air : good local noodles - an ideal lunch break from the temples.
    Address : near PTT gas station, 6/10 Moo 12, Charotwithitong Rd
    - Mai Klang Krung : good option for local fare while at the Historic Park.
    Address : near Tha Chumpon Temple, 139 Charotwithitong Rd
    - Chopper Bar : A rooftop restaurant and bar with good service, live acoustic guitar music, and Thai and Western menus
    Address : Thanon Pravetnakorn
    - Cooking Class in Sukhothai :
    - Relax in Sukhothai : Amid lotus pond, gardens and teak buldings for this ideal spa to relax tour legs and body
    Address : 170 Ratchathanee street - Sukhothai - Phone : 055 62148 - website : www.lotus-village.com
  • Five Star hotels in SUKHOTHAI at best prices

    -There is no five stars hotel in Sukhothai. 2 of them try to be but there is no service and competent staff : The Heritage resort nearby the airport and very far from the sightseeings, and the Sukhothai Treasure resort and spa. If you plan to stay more than one day in Sukhothai, it's better to choose a guesthouse.


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