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Plan your trip in Thailand

What to Pack for your Trip

Clothes : Generally, the clothes you need to pack depends on the season you travel in but in Thailand, you must wear in any case, clothes that cover your shoulders and legs when visiting temples, mosques, or churches.
Read up on the local weather because in the different parts of Thailand it's different and pack accordingly.
Bring waterproof shoes, a light waterproof rain jacket, and a portable umbrella but even bring a hat, sunglasses and flip-flops.
But you can also buy your clothes in the place you stay, generaly it's very cheap.
Bring warmer clothing, like a sweater if you’re headed to places like Chiang Rai, Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand.

Travel Documents: Protect your travel documents from theft and make copy of your passports, driver’s licenses, airline tickets, and traveler's cheques. Keep the originals in a secure location, like a hotel safety deposit box.

Medicines : medical supplies are easy to find in cities, but you can pack your own like antacids, rehydration sachets, anti-diarrhea pills, analgesics, sunscreen and mosquito repellent and prescription drugs.

Electrical systems : Bring an adapter if your electronics don’t work with the local electricity. Bring extra batteries and memories card.
Extra Luggage : if you plan ti bring back stuff, present and clothes.
Travel stuff : Don't forget, ear plugs and sleep mask, hand sanitizer

What to do in Thailand ?

Beaches & watersports, sacred sites & historical monuments, museums, temples and memorials, shopping, dining & nightlife, nature parks, cooking class and Thai food.... Thailand has tens of thousands of islands, landscape, cities and places to go.


Thai respect , culture and habits

Smile : Thais smile under any kind of situation, so smile as much as you can.
Before entering a house or office, it’s polite to leave your shoes outside
Instead of shaking hands, Thais “wai” to greet people. The “wai” is a short bow done with hands held fingertips-together close to your chest or face.
Wear appropriate dress before entering a temple, leave your shoes outside the temple as you enter.
Show respect for the King and his family, respect for the King isn’t just polite, it’s the law.


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