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Koh Mak Island

Ko thai

koh Mak Island

  • Koh Mak is a tropical island in Thailand with white sands and stunning clear blue water. The island is about 40 Km away from the mainland and is located in the National Marine Park in Eastern Thailand and is the biggest privately owned island in Thailand, just South of it’s “big brother” Koh Chang. You will not find an atmosphere like Koh Samui nightlife.
    From Bangkok you have a three-four minutes drive to the ferry terminal of TRAT, where you will embark to the island. From Trat town, you take a taxi to Leam Ngob pier (17 kilometres). The boat leaves Laem Ngop pier only on Tuesdays and Saturdays at 11:00 am and ticket costs 300 Bath per person and it takes about 3 hours to get to Koh Mak. You can take a speed boat and it takes about 45 minutes and 450 thb for one person.
  • Koh Mak has a tropical monsoon climate with high temperatures all year round but has 2 seasons. Between beginning of November and the end of February. it is relatively cool, dry and mostly sunny. The better time for your trip in the island. The other season is during monsoon season, Koh Mak is worth visiting.
  • Koh Mak is the perfect place for a relaxing holiday.

Please help the nature and please try to safe electricity as much as you can while you are visiting the island.
There are no ATM’s on Koh Mak

  • Koh Mak offers you many key locations as :
    - a Buddhist temple,
    - three fishing villages,
    - a health center,
    - a primary school,
    - the top ten beaches in the world (Ao Kao Beach (south-west),Ao Suan Yai (north-west), Ao Nid Bay (south-east), Ao Tan (north-east),
    - few shops and restaurants
    - Elephant Camp and Ride
    - Koh Kood : the seventh biggest island in Thailand and a lovely destination for all kind of travellers
    - Koh Wai : This little island is located between Koh Chang and Koh Mak
    - Koh Kham : under construction with a five stars resort !!
    - Koh Rayang : This island has a beautiful sandy beach at just 1,2 km of Koh Mak and easily reached by a Kayak.
  • koh kood waterfall

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    Ko Thai recommended Restaurant in Koh Mak

    • Koh Mak Sea Food: Located at Ao Nid
    • Havana Restaurant : Thai-food and snacks
    • Noodle Stop: Located near Island Hut at the beach road
    • Aimmy Restaurant: Specialized for sea-food BBQ
    • Peauw Restaurant: Thai-dishes for low budget center of Koh Mak (near the school)
    • Koh Mak Resort (Thai- and some western-food)
    • Makhathanee Resort
    • Cinnamon Resort
    • Lazy Day Resort
    • Plubpla Resort
    • Coco Cape Resort (Thai-and sea-food)
    • Ao Kao Resort (Thai- and sea-food)
    • Ban Koh Mak
    • TK-Hut (Thai and German food)
    • Good Time Resort (Thai and sea-food, also some western dishes )
    • Little Moon Villas
    • Holiday Beach Resort

    Ko Thai recommended hot spot in Koh Mak

    • Some resorts organize a tour around the island. The common sights are Ao Nid Pier, rubber plantations, a local museum, the Koh Mak Temple and two view-points.
    • You can plan day-trips to the islands nearby : Koh Wai, Koh Kood, Koh Kradat, Koh Kham or Koh Rayang
    • Diving schools offer diving courses and snorkeling trips : Koh Mak Divers (English), Paradise Divers (German and English) and Ploy Diving (Thai).



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