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Koh Kood Island

Ko thai

koh Kood Island (Ko Kut)

  • Just 3-4 hours, heading away Bangkok to the easternmost province of Thailand, Trat province or one hour flight. Koh Kood lies in the Gulf of Thailand and its size ranks it as the fourth largest island in Thailand. The Island is 25 kilometers long and 12 kilometers wide and is located at the very end of the Thai eastern maritime territory bordering Cambodia. Its natural features lifes under the Sea World, mountains and plains where many streams originate and become waterfalls
    From Bangkok you have a three-four minutes drive to the ferry terminal of TRAT, where you will embark to the island. There are ferry service called "Koh Kood Seatran" from Laem Ngob to Koh Kood. From Trat town, you take a taxi to Leam Ngob pier (17 kilometres).
  • Koh Kood has 2 seasons. between beginning of November and the end of February. it is relatively cool, dry and mostly sunny. The better time for your trip in the island. The other season is during monsoon season, Koh Kood is worth visiting.
  • Take a glimpse of the colorful underwater world through the waters of Koh Kood Island. Just in front of the Island, the diving and snorkeling spot is perfect for a Seaworld lover and experience some of Koh Kood's many recreations on offer such as Scuba diving, fishing, trekking, cycling and kayaking.


  • Koh Kood offers you many key locations as :
    - a good number of wonderful beaches with crystal clear water (Ta Pho Beach, Khlong Chao Beach, Thakian Beach, Phrao Beach )
    - the highest mountain on the island, Khao Phaenth, measuring 315 metres
    - The village Aow Salad (Baan Aow Salad) in Salad Bay (Aow Salad). It is the biggest fishing village on Ko Kood.
    - The waterfall Nam Tok Khlong Chao or Than Sanuk Waterfall
    - Ko Wai, this small paradise is situated approximately 6 kilometers south of the southernmost end of Ko Chang
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