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Accommodationsort Locationsort Ratessort   Breakfast show only
Eurana Boutique Hotel City Center, Moonmuang Road 950 THB   incl.
De Naga City Center, Moonmuang Road 2900 THB   incl.
Rachamankha City Center, Rachamankha Road 5313 THB   incl. recommend
Sirilanna City Center, Rachapakinai Road 3200 THB   incl.
U Chiang Mai City Center, Ratchadamnern Rd. 3442 THB   incl. recommend
Imm Hotel Thaphae Chiang Mai City Center, Thapae Gate 900 THB   incl.
Bodhi Serene City Center, Thapae Gate 3500 THB   incl. recommend
Royal Panerai Hotel City, Assadathorn Road 750 THB   incl.
Royal Peninsula Hotel City, Assadathorn Road 950 THB   incl.
Amora Tapae Hotel City, Chaiyapoom Road 1200 THB   incl. recommend
Plumeria Home City, Chang Klan Road 850 THB   incl.
Park Hotel City, Chang Klan Road 1050 THB   incl.
Suriwongse Hotel City, Chang Klan Road 1050 THB   incl. recommend
Lanna Palace 2004 Hotel City, Chang Klan Road 1170 THB   incl. recommend
Empress Hotel City, Chang Klan Road 1200 THB   incl. recommend
Maninarakorn Hotel City, Chang Klan Road 1250 THB   incl. recommend
Arun Tara Hotel City, Chang Klan Road 2700 THB   incl. recommend
The Amata Lanna Chiangmai City, Chang Klan Road 2950 THB   incl.
Yaang Come Village City, Chang Klan Road 2950 THB   incl. recommend
Ratilanna Riverside Spa Resort City, Chang Klan Road 3300 THB   incl. recommend
dusitD2 chiang mai City, Chang Klan Road 4355 THB  
Montrara Happy House Hotel City, Chang Moi Kao Road 650 THB   incl.
Karinthip Village City, Chang Moi Kao Road 1400 THB   incl.
Oasis Hotel City, Charoenmuang 600 THB  
Rainforest Boutique & Pornpiroon Hotel City, Charoenmuang 850 THB   incl.
The Eurasia Chiangmai Hotel City, Charoenmuang 1000 THB   incl.
Shewe Wana Boutique Resort & Spa City, Charoenmuang 2000 THB   incl.
Bann Tazala Boutique Hotel City, Charoenmuang 3400 THB   incl. recommend
Puripunn the Baby Grand Boutique City, Charoenmuang 4000 THB   incl. recommend
Mandarin Oriental Dhara Dhevi City, Charoenmuang 20000 THB   incl.
C.H Hotel City, Charoenprathet Road 850 THB   incl.
The Chedi Chiang Mai City, Charoenprathet Road 7000 THB   incl. recommend
Scorpion Tailed Boat Village City, Charoenrad Road 1050 THB   incl.
Rarinjinda Wellness Spa Resort City, Charoenrad Road 3600 THB   incl.
Royal Guest House City, Kotchasarn Road 300 THB  
Portico 21 Hotel City, Kotchasarn Road 900 THB   incl.
Star Hotel City, Loi Kho Road 850 THB   incl. recommend
Down Town Inn City, Loi Kho Road 900 THB   incl.
Royal Lanna Hotel City, Loi Kho Road 1050 THB   incl.
Raming Lodge Hotel & Spa City, Loi Kho Road 1300 THB   incl.
Centara Duangtawan Hotel Chiang Mai City, Loi Kho Road 1550 THB   incl.
At Pingnakorn Hotel City, Nimanhemin Road 1050 THB   incl.
Yesterday the Village City, Nimanhemin Road 1200 THB   incl.
Amari Rincome Chiang Mai City, Nimanhemin Road 1509 THB  
Yantarasri Resort (former Aitsawarisa) City, Nimanhemin Road 2700 THB   incl. recommend
Kantary Hills City, Nimanhemin Road 2700 THB   incl.
At Niman City, Nimanhemin Road 3550 THB   incl.
Bossotel Inn City, Railway Road 840 THB   incl.
Siripanna Grand Resort & Villa City, Rat-U-Tit Road 3550 THB   incl.
Buri Gallery House City, Ratchadamnern Road 1200 THB   incl.
Tamarind Village City, Ratchadamnern Road 4550 THB   incl. recommend
Holiday Inn City, Riverside 1750 THB   incl. recommend
Winner Inn Hotel City, Sridonchai Road 650 THB   incl.
Chiang Mai Plaza Hotel City, Sridonchai Road 1400 THB   incl.
Imperial Mae Ping Hotel City, Sridonchai Road 1600 THB   incl. recommend
Chiangmai Gate Hotel City, Suriwongse Road 850 THB   incl.
Studio99 Serviced Apartment City, Thapae Soi 3 1650 THB   recommend
Banthai Village City, Thapae Soi 3 2350 THB   incl. recommend
Manathai Village City, Thapae Soi 3 3200 THB   incl. recommend
Na Thapae Hotel City, Thapae Soi 6 1100 THB   incl.
Rimping Village City, Wat Kate 2600 THB   incl. recommend
Tri Yaan Na Ros Colonial House City, Wualai Road 2450 THB   incl.
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