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Koh Samet Hotels

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Accommodationsort Locationsort Ratessort   Breakfast show only
Paradee Koh Samet, Ao Kew Beach 10250 THB   incl. recommend
Nim-ma-no-ra-dee Koh Samet, Ao Pakarang 2700 THB   incl.
Ao Prao Resort Koh Samet, Ao Prao Beach 3480 THB   incl. recommend
Le Vimarn Cottages & Spa Koh Samet, Ao Prao Beach 5640 THB   incl. recommend
Samed Cliff Resort Koh Samet, Noi Na Beach 1500 THB   incl.
Samed Club Koh Samet, Noi Na Beach 2280 THB   incl.
Mooban Talay Resort Koh Samet, Noi Na Beach 2300 THB   incl.
Lima Bella Resort Koh Samet, Saikaew Beach 2900 THB   incl.
Saikaew Beach Resort Koh Samet, Saikaew Beach 3320 THB   incl. recommend
Samed Cabana Resort Koh Samet, Vongduen Beach 1800 THB   incl.
Star Hotel Rayong Town 1000 THB   incl.
Phala Cliff Beach Resort & Spa Rayong, Ban Chang 1450 THB   incl.
X2 Rayong Resort by Design Rayong, Klaeng 3400 THB   incl. recommend
Hinsuay Namsai Resort Hotel Rayong, Laem Mae Pim 1300 THB   incl.
Rayong Chalet Rayong, Laem Mae Pim 1400 THB   incl.
Palmeraie Beach Hotel Rayong, Laem Mae Pim 1500 THB  
Bann Pae Cabana Rayong, Laem Mae Pim 1590 THB   incl.
Nice Beach Hotel Rayong, Mae Rumphung 770 THB   incl.
The Sea Hotel & Resort Rayong, Mae Rumphung 850 THB   incl.
Kantary Bay Rayong Rayong, Paknam Beach 2350 THB   incl.
P.M.Y. Beach Resort Rayong, Saeng Chan Beach 1250 THB   incl.
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